October 4, 2023

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How to stay positive when you are working hard but it’s not paying off?

The online entrepreneurial world is a tough field of business. One of the major challenges that makes it so, and that you’ll certainly face along the way, is that it’s an exposed world. Just as everybody in the community can witness your success, they can witness your failure. Going through those times, may make you feel low and intensely aware of your limitations. So, how to stay positive and motivated when faced with such challenges?

When you go through challenges, unless you are mentally prepared and you level of resilience is high enough, there’s a good probability that you’ll quit under the pressure. Particularly if, as a beginner, you’re still struggling to figure out your path through the online world jungle.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Yes, it’s a real jungle out there, full of scams and endless traps to take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Even if you’re lucky and succeed in escaping unscathed from the scam’s web, still, you’ll discover that it’s not the end of your pains.

You’ll find that it’s a highly competitive world where there’s a lot of noise, especially on social media. And to top it all, everybody out there are calling themselves experts, trying to lure you to buy their pseudo coaching services.

While there are many people offering genuine services of value, the amount of junk is enormous. That’s the entrepreneurial world and you’ll need to find your way through it.

How to stay positive while dealing with all the things mentioned previously?

Here’s how I look at it, your bigger picture is to keep your balance while growing your business. At the same time, managing the stress of being unsuccessful online on top of the stress of your personal life. Especially if the challenges in your personal life are what pushed you into the online business world in the first place.

There are two sides to look at in this situation.

The first one, is to recognize that being a beginner, or having failed in the past, is not a life sentence. Small daily steps add up and progress is inevitable when you learn from your mistakes.

Look at it this way, no athlete gets to be the world champion every year, forever. There is always, somewhere, away from the spotlights, a new aspiring athlete who’s training relentlessly. With dedication that young athlete will have a spot on the podium someday.

No inventor, no matter how genius he is, keeps the title of the most innovative inventor forever. There is always someone else who’ll discover something new. By moving the humanity forward, he’ll get to sit on the throne of success too.

The same works for the online world. There is always a way to do things better, to invent something new or to add value to people’s lives. There’s already an empty spot waiting for you to take it in this business. There’s nobody identical to you, the value you can add is unique too.

“You must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create. Not to compete for what is already created.”

~ Wallace D. Wattles

The second side is to realize that you have a daily pre-determined amount of energy. You need to learn to manage it wisely, for whatever you focus on, you give your energy to.

Which means that if you want to stay positive and motivated, you should carefully choose how you spend your time. Watching every course, you come across or scrolling through social media to compare your progress to others, is a sure way to overwhelm yourself.

Therefore, you need to train yourself to keep your focus on whatever improves you as person, adds to your knowledge and skills or brings revenue to your business. You also need to learn how to achieve the goals you set for yourself, I wrote about that here.

If you’ve already worked with dedication on one of the previous aspects, then you’ve already achieved a good progress. You’ve already gained a valuable experience. The knowledge you acquired has a monetary value, even if you can’t cash it out yet.

It’s all in the mindset

It’s true that it’s not easy to stay positive and motivated every single day. However, if you maintain your focus on your end goal, you can regenerate your energy and keep going even when things get tough.

A simple question to yourself may make the difference: “Do I want to change my life and make it better, or do I want to spend the rest of my life struggling to make ends meet?”

If you truly want to change your circumstances, then you’ll find the strength to keep going no matter how difficult your current reality is. You can achieve anything you want, it’s your mind that you need to convince, not your outside world.

All it takes is that you believe in yourself and in your goal.


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