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How to master the art of patience to succeed in life?

Master the art of patience

The definition of success varies from one person to another. Still, most of the time success is associated with wealth and accomplishments.

Regardless of what success pertains to every person, it’s a fact that successful people have some common personality traits. Those traits set them apart from the rest. They are what we call “go-getters”, top performers. They are passionate about their goals and they are full of enthusiasm and energy.

However, many people, whom did not achieve any significant success in their life, may have those qualities too.

They do fall in love with a goal and dive into it with great enthusiasm and energy. Though, unlike the first category, soon enough the passion wanes and the enthusiasm fades. The goal is pushed aside in the pursuit of a new one, over and over again.

The common personality aspects mentioned in the beginning are necessary. Without them no goal is set and no work is started, but they are not enough for success.

So, what makes a person stick to the goal till attainment and the other not?

Think about how our society nowadays is brainwashed by media and advertisements. It is making us believe that goals are achievable instantly.

From teeth whitening to anti-age creams to overnight weight-loss products, media is feeding our minds with the illusion that success and goal achievement is easy and instant.

As a result, more and more people are looking for instant gratification and aren’t willing to put any significant effort into their goals.

We developed the habit of expecting things to happen as soon as we want them to and when it doesn’t, we just lose interest.

We are no longer mindful that creation takes time and work. It’s valid for all aspects of our life. Whether it’s weight loss, a fit body, personal relationships or a business endeavor, they all take work and effort.

What is the key quality that one should possess to become successful?

We have already established that any goal is going to take time and commitment, right? We need to have the determination to persevere past boredom, frustration and failure. That’s a must if we are to go after our goal as much distance as needed with a single-minded focus.

In order to do that, we have to break free from the instant gratification belief. It makes us think wrongly that success has to be instant or we’re not good enough for that goal, that we have to move on and try something different.

If you are seeking to start your own business, become an entrepreneur or become an online marketer, you cannot expect to be a millionaire in a 6 or even 12 months time!

The key quality that you should seek to develop, in order for you to succeed, is how to master the art of patience. For me, patience and success go hand in hand. Let me tell you why I believe it’s so!

Why patience is a key element for achieving more in our life?

Now, patience is a virtue that has lost its shine these days due to the fast-paced rhythm of our modern life. We settled into the habit of being impatient with everything and everyone, even our own self.

Furthermore, patience is somewhat seen as a negative personality aspect, as it’s confused with slowness in action or decisions and even confused with total inaction altogether.

Patience is not a passive quality, it’s the active action of committing to something on a long-term period.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Practicing how to master the art of patience is an incredibly important education for a quality life. I confess it was one of my weakest points, but I am working on changing that since I became aware that being impatient is a killer habit.

When we are impatient, we fail to control our emotions, we become frustrated and self-conscious. Thoughts of fear take up our mind and the less faith in the future and ourselves we have, the bigger our fears will be.

Dwelling on those thoughts will further feed those fears, which will eventually, at some point, totally paralyze us from taking any inspired action or even worse, make us take rash and misguided actions.

Whereas, when we master the art of patience, it gives us the ability to take control of our emotions when there’s uncertainty or when a disagreeable incident happens. Patience makes us stronger when facing frustration and disappointments. It translates into better decision making and keeps us from giving up when we encounter challenges.

Practicing patience will improve your strength and inner balance. Patience will build your character.

How can you become more patient?

Developing your patience is essential if you are trying to build an online business. It will take time before you can see any success. To keep going while you are not seeing results for your efforts is very challenging. For the reason that during that time you are dealing with the unknown.

Certainly, it’s difficult to keep your faith in the outcome when you feel that you have no control over the situation and when you’re not seeing any tangible evidence to motivate you further.

It takes courage to move forward when you feel like walking blind folded in an unknown path. However, this is where your level of patience will decide your future.

If you are a rather impatient person, I’ll grant you that it’s a bit challenging to transition to being a patient person. I was an impatient person my self, but nothing is impossible if you have the motivation. If you are ready to commit to training yourself to a new habit.

The best way to get rid of an inconvenient habit, is to replace it with a new one. A continuous monitoring of our emotions is key here.

Becoming aware of the emotion as soon as we start getting impatient, will help us regulate it. Of course, in the beginning, it will seem too hard a task. However, the continual repetition of the effort is the way to acquire this new habit.

In addition to the first step of becoming aware of our own behavioral perception; it’s important that we stay connected and conscious of the world around us.  If we choose to move through life as fast as we can, it becomes a blur. We fail to pay attention to significant moments which will prevent us from fully enjoying life.

“Whenever you try to exert control over the natural ebb and flow of life, you end up either frustrated or disappointed – because it can’t be controlled. Whenever you apply effort to trying to relax and slow down, you produce the opposite effect.”

~ Paul Wilson

Instead, we should become mindful of the flow of life and let events unfold without trying to push-force things. Doing so will only result in difficulty and resistance.

Live fully in the present moment, trust in your own capacities and surrender your need of control. There is a close connection between patience and trust in the universe. Once you learn to become more patient then you will start to see results.

In conclusion, when you master the art of patience, it will bring you peace and makes you enjoy your journey and every moment of your life. It is a habit that will lead you to a happier life, if you focus on feeding your faith and overcoming your fears.

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