September 29, 2022

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Why things aren’t changing in your life?

Your mind is the tool you use to engineer and plan your life.

Your results will depend on how skillful you are in using and mastering it.

Also, on how well you control your emotions, habits, impulses and body movements.

We are unable to plan and achieve any goal if we lack the determination and consistency. They’re impossible to master if our mental concentration is poor.

We must train our mind to regulate our thoughts and feelings.

If you keep thinking negative continuously, you weaken your mind and make it unable to concentrate.

If you can’t control your body movements, you waste your mental energy.

To sum it up, If we have no control over our mind, we have no control over ourselves and there is no way we can design our life in the way we want.

We need to watch ourselves closely and make ourselves accountable each day.

Each small step we take in improving our skills and increasing our mental strength is a step forward toward success. 

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